Warm and cold Water Rebirthing

Once a person has been rebirthed enough times to have developed the ability to integrate anything that comes up in and easy, comfortable and efficient way, we recommend several sessions of warm water Rebirthing. When warm water Rebirthing becomes consistently comfortable, we recommend one or more sessions of cold water Rebirthing.

Warm water speeds up the activation of suppressed material.

Warm water accelerates that process. Because the water warm and wet and the rebirthee is floating, suspended by the rebirther, it simulates, somewhat, the womb. Thus, womb and birth memory tend to be especially well re-activated.

Warm water Rebirthing is conducted in a hot tub, large bathtub, or natural hot spring, where the water temperature is above the body temperature and there is enough room for the rebirthee to stretch out and for the rebirther to sit or stand comfortably in the water.

Different positions during warm water rebirth:

  1. floating face-down, breathing through a snorkel
  2. floating on the back, face out of the water
  3. sitting on a bench in the warm water


The rebirther is present to provide physical support for the body of the rebirthee and to provide support as the rebirthee relaxes into suppressed feelings, memories and body sensations that come up to the level of conscious awareness.

Cold water Rebirthing
Cold water rebirthing is an appropriate step after the rebirthee has gained confidence with warm water rebirthing. Cold water tends to activate thoughts and feelings of death. The key is gentleness, can be performed in bathtube or in nature.

Warm and Cold Water Rebirthing Training

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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