A message to the Child Within

My heart goes out to those grown ups who’s life is negatively impacted by their upbringing.
To the child within them – who is still waiting to be loved.
To those who were not seen or heard and listened to in their family of origin.
To those who were told to be too much, too sensitive, too active, to intense… too much of this or that…
To those who felt alone. Like they don’t fit in and don’t belong whatever they try
And tried to make it up to their parents – hopelessly hanging on the illusion of hope
Unconsciously taking up the role of a peacekeeper or mediator in the family instead of enjoying the worriless days of a child
To those who felt like they are the black sheep among the ‘others’
Thinking that this must be a terrible mistake; I shouldn’t be here…and definitely not now…
Wishing to ‘get out of here’, to run away, to give up on life
To those who unconsciously chose to help to carry the pain of their Mom’s or Dad’s or both – believing that this would bring about any positive change
To those who are angry AT GOD for it all
I see you!
I can feel your heartache.
I can feel that black hole type of emptiness around your chest, through which all the good stuff can vanish from your experience like nothing good ever happened.
I can feel you because I have been there myself.
Many years ago, a quite popular indian astrologer said to me upon opening up my chart:
well, you REALLY can understand suffering, feeling into the pain of others…you experienced a hell of a lot of suffering as child. This was your training into helping others.
I feel you, because in the past 10 years I have worked with many ‘inner children’ & their grown ups.
We just had a healing circle this morning in the current inner child healing program, where participants shared their concerns like:
• I feel guilty for choosing ME, for choosing my happiness, I feel like I abandon my Mom by doing so (a men in his 30’s)
• I realised that I create the same relationship dynamics with girlfriends than with my Mom; I want to save them (another men)
• I realised that I don’t feel safe around men, because my Dad & Brother used to make fun of me and mocked me as a little girl (a woman in her 30’s)
• I just understood the link between my fear around money and childhood: Since I can remember my parents used to refer to money as ‘we don’t have enough’, ‘there isn’t enough’, ‘we can’t afford’…’there isn’t ‘ (a woman in her late 40’s)
•I can’t bear however hard I try not getting a text response from my partner (immediately). My little girl is freaking out of fear of being abandoned (another woman in her 30’s)
• …..the list could go on…
I would like you to know that it is not your fault!
You are OK! There is nothing wrong with you! You DO deserve to be loved and cherished.
You are worth it!
Your needs are valid!
It is HUMAN to have desires!
It is OKAY to want!
And MOST importantly I would like you to know that I’m sorry for your loss, for the heartache, for the loneliness.
There is a solution for getting out of the cycle of repeating in your adult relationships the same (similar) scenarios then those in your family of origin!
For Healing and Reclaiming the Inner Child check out my program Liberation from Family Dynamics!
SEND ME A DM to learn when is the next cycle!
There are limited places only (to ensure quality attention, lasting & profound transformation).
I would LOVE you to be there and heal!

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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