Are you aware of the red light within your body?

Are you aware of the red light within your body?

Have you ever wondered why some of your intentions or desires are manifested with ease?

Almost effortlessly.

You just think about it, maybe visualise it – and ta da, it appears in your life! It could be a new career opportunity, a nice potential partner for a relationship, a property you’ve dreamt of purchasing or an exciting trip somewhere…

And other times even though your desire is clear and you’re taking action steps to manifest it – it’s either very challenging to achieve, it seems out of reach, or you lose it just as you’re about to get it.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Well…some of your intentions have a “green light” within your body-mind system. You know what you want. You believe you can have it. You believe you deserve it. You might even have some positive evidence of it happening in your past. Taking action steps to achieve your goal seems to be easy, clear and straightforward.

And there might be some other intentions which seem to have a “red light” within your body-mind.

Part of you wants it, and another part of you fears it. You feel excited and anxious about it at the same time. Part of you desires it, and another part of you is afraid of what others will think about you when you go for it. You might feel as though you’re missing out on life if you don’t achieve this desire, and yet you don’t fully believe that you are worthy of it.

The “red light” in your body-mind is an objection.

The objection is the key obstacle holding you back from achieving your desire. This “red light” can be an emotion, a belief, an unintegrated experience in your life which tells you that achieving your desire is not safe, it’s not okay for you. It might be safe and okay for someone else, but not for you.

Types of body-mind objections are unique to everyone. Yours is different to someone else’s. Your internal obstacles are as unique as you are. 

However, one thing is for sure: If you’re not living up to your dreams in any area of your life, you’re operating from your internal obstacles. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If yes, get in touch to receive support to clear out obstacles to manifest your desire with ease. 

I have in store  some powerful practices to clear your internal obstacles and support you to generate that “green light” within your body-mind.

Mentoring program is powerful, loving and conscious container to work together on a 1-on-1 bases.

  • You’re welcome to bring ANYTHING into the space you like, especially your challenges around relationships, intimacy and love. 


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