Are you ignoring your intuition’s guidance?

Are you ignoring your intuition’s guidance?

Your inner knowing on the first (or second or third) date that the person across from you is not someone you want to explore a potential long-term relationship with?

Your gut feeling at a job interview or on your first day in a new role that this is not what you were looking for?

It just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like the right person for you, or the right choice. 

You can see it so clearly. Not with your physical eyes, but with the subtle senses in your mind’s eye. 

Deep down you know you would be better off not doing it, but you do it anyway. 

I hear this from friends and clients again and again…and to be honest, I’ve also experienced it myself. 

I’ve often ignored what I’ve subtly sensed in my mind’s eye, only to discover weeks or months later that there was something “not quite right” about the situation. And even though I knew it from the very start, I didn’t listen to myself.

Have you ever had a similar experience and wondered why you avoided or wouldn’t accept what those subtle sensations were telling you? 

This is what it’s looked like for me:

A while ago I signed a rental contract for an apartment even though I sensed that dealing with the owner would be challenging. Unfortunately my “gut feeling” turned out to be right. Ultimately the challenges I experienced with her resulted in a financial loss for me. 

Another time I travelled across the world to visit another country, for my visa to then be cancelled as soon as I landed at the airport. As far as I can remember, my intuition told me not to go there at least 3 times as I was preparing to travel (and once again I ignored it.)

There was also the time a prominent businessman tried to manipulate me into a business opportunity. I could almost “hear” the manipulation behind his words, but couldn’t believe my own ears. He was a widely respected businessman, and so I convinced myself that I’d gotten it wrong. Because how could it be possible that others couldn’t see his manipulative ways? 

Have you ever wondered why we all sometimes ignore the obvious?

Here’s my theory: 

I wanted what the promising opportunity had to offer (whether the date, or the career, or the apartment) more than what life would look like without it. 

I wanted to move into a new home on the spot, instead of looking around more. 

I wanted to take part in the business opportunity, and potentially earn good money.

I didn’t trust myself, my intuition, or my gut feeling.

I was afraid of missing out, when in fact, as I later realised, I could have avoided the disappointment and loss by trusting myself more. 

I ignored my inner knowing and my inner guidance. Call it intuition or gut feeling, my 6th sense.

I resisted following my inner authority, often thinking others knew better. 

I trusted everyone else’s judgment more than my own. 

What I’ve learned over the years is that my inner guidance is my ally. 

It’s my very best friend showing me the way to ease, success and happiness.

This internal guidance is a source of wisdom. It protects me from unnecessary challenges and difficulties. It knows the right steps to take and what to avoid, even before my rational mind does. 

The more I listen to my own inner wisdom, and the more I follow it, the more precise it becomes. 

If you’re desiring to connect to your own intuition and begin to trust yourself more, my programs Liberation into Knowing and Liberation from Family Dynamics are a great way to start.

If you prefer personal guidance, my mentoring program might be the right fit for you.

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