Ever wondered WHY do we spell S@xuality in our posts?

Have you ever wondered why my coaching colleagues and I use words like s@xuality or S.exuality or s&xuality in our posts?

AND NO!!!..it’s not because we don’t know how to spell it right

 It’s because we’re banned from writing about intimacy, love, relationships and s@xuality!

Yes, you heard me!

 A half-naked woman’s body can be used in commercials to sell cars and houses, but we’re banned from spreading knowledge about s@xuality!

 Your body, energy and s@xuality can be utilised as powerful tools for promoting all sorts of stuff, however you are not meant to hear what we coaches wish to teach you, which is that:

  •  your s@xuality is sacred!
  • your s@xuality is for YOU to enjoy (not for others to prey on)
  • your s@xuality is YOUR power and the fuel of your creativity, vitality and happiness!

 I understand why those that ban us don’t want you to know about these facts.

 Do you?

 Because when you know the meaning, the depth and the sacredness of your sexuality, you can no longer be shamed for it.

 You won’t buy into guilt trips either and you can’t be controlled as much.

You will own your power, you will be proud of yourself and you won’t be easily brainwashed anymore.

However a powerful man or woman would no longer be of use to the system.

You would know your own worth and would not sell your time to those companies who have banned us for telling the truth.

You would no longer settle for less than you deserve because you would absolutely be aware of your worth as a human being!

If you were aware of the potential of your own s@xuality, you would have meaningful, fulfilling, loving relationships, filled with love and passion!

You would feel deeply connected to your partner and to your family and then you would no longer feel weak, alone and helpless.

 But again, this wouldn’t serve the system because those that feel weak and alone are easy to manipulate.

Have you ever wondered why you learn about wars and all the s*t in high school and university yet there are no proper teachings about basic life stuff like s@xuality?

THIS should be one of the MAJOR subjects in EVERY school.

This is what we should be educated about!

Instead we learn all the useless stuff necessary to complete a ‘proper’ education and we still leave (EVEN university, after 4-6 years of intense study) basically incapable of living a REAL, meaningful life.

And if you want to live a meaningful life, then you need to educate yourself on the basics such as s@xuality, relating, communication, boundaries, attachment…to name a few.

There are many who are prepared to make up for this gap in education.

They have studied for years and invested thousands of $S into learning this type of curriculum!

I know the numbers because I am one of them. A well educated s@xuality coach who paid 10’000s of $ to be educated on these topics.

And yet we are the ones who are banned!

Have you ever wondered how this is possible at all?

That those who are here to teach on beneficial topics which can lift you up and raise your awareness about what LIFE IS REALLY ABOUT are silenced and put down.

Their businesses are pushed to the edge yet those who are basically AGAINST LIFE can operate openly.

I also wonder how is this even possible in 2021?

When is enough when it comes to suppression, being lied to and having our energy preyed upon?

And how much longer do WE tolerate this suppression?

How much longer do we buy into this story of s@xuality as f*cked up porn?

How much longer do we tolerate having the essence of life taken away from us?

Support those who are here to support you with learning to live a meaningful life!

Share this with your friends to raise awareness around what is going on in the world!

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