Feminine and masculine energies are not related to gender. 

Feminine and masculine energies are not related to gender. 

A person in a ‘female’ body also has masculine energies and qualities within themselves.

And vice versa, a person in a ‘male’ body also has feminine energies and qualities within themselves.

Examples of feminine qualities include:

  • keeper of life
  • sensitive
  • playful
  • seeks connection
  • collaboration
  • intuition
  • feeling and sensing
  • gives birth,  both to projects and creative expressions, as well as children
  • communication

Examples of masucline qualities include:

  • protector of life
  • focus
  • purpose
  • determination
  • competition
  • logic and understanding
  • decision making 


As you read through these examples, you will quickly realise that both people in male and female bodies need feminine and masculine qualities.

We all need to have the capacity to focus, use logic, make decisions and conversely we also need to have the capacity to feel, to communicate our feelings and ideas, and notice what our intuition is telling us. 

The KEY is capacity! We need to be able to connect to these qualities within when necessary and utilise them in the right way, at the right time.

Challenges occur when:

  • we engage mostly in either feminine or masculine qualities, at the expense of the other
  • we prefer one to the other, perhaps we even hold one higher than the other


Imagine ‘acting’ or living only from your masculine qualities! How exhausting would that be! Constantly having to make decisions in every situation, all of the time. Or being forced to maintain focus and concentrate, without having any downtime to yourself, to chill out on the sofa.

Or on the contrary, imagine being mostly in your feminine, needing someone else to make decisions for you. Or feeling but not being able to ‘contemplate’ on your feelings. 

What qualities do you find yourself displaying the most often? And which ones come most naturally to you? 

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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