I just started to work with a new client.


Her desire is to meet the RIGHT man.

The man of her dreams.

Her social circle is wide.

She gets to meet a variety of men.

Mostly great guys, who seem to be interesting and even available – still nothing like she would feel attracted to.

In other scenarios she feels attracted, but the men are not available.


This is where she reached out to me…to support her in breaking this pattern of not being interested in what is available vs. wanting what is out of reach & creating the space within for the type of relationship she desires.

After being married 2 times already, she knows what she is looking for in a man & relationship

She is single right now. She is happy with her choice of being single and using this time for internal work.


Actually, I like this attitude.   She can tolerate being alone…in fact she enjoys her life, keeping herself occupied and filled up with kids, work and friends. She is not desperate to ‘be with someone’, with anyone for the sake of belonging.  


Have you wondered why mismatches like the above might take place?


Our world operates on particular laws.

For example the law of the resonance which says that every living object, including humans resonate with a certain vibration and attract back energies (meetings, events, people, etc) who harmonise with that same vibration.

Also according to this law, if your desire (in my client case the potential partner) isn’t present in your world yet – then some of your vibrations are keeping it away. Vibrations you are not aware of. Vibrations which sabotage your desire to come true.


How do these unconscious vibrations actually work?

In the case of my client: 

She desired a relationship, she really did. On the outside she seemed to be ready for it: divorced and single, no strings and unfinished stories to her ex-husband, happy with her life and with herself, open and excited about what is about to come!

And this is what we dug out, aka the unconscious vibrations. Thoughts, even beliefs she wasn’t aware of BUT sabotaged her romantic life. (thoughts and beliefs carry vibrations!!!)

Such as:

  • relationships are dangerous – they might cause disappointment, therefore pain…it is better to be alone, by being alone I can avoid pain
  • I’m not so young anymore, I’m not so attractive / sensual / sexy anymore (aka. nobody wants me)

No wonder hey, that the RIGHT MATCH did not come along yet!

On the surface she seems to be ready.

Under the surface there are details causing mismatch in the vibration. These details are unresolved stories from the past (relationships are dangerous), fears (nobody wants me), judgment (I’m not attractive, etc. anymore)


How do we dig out those unconscious ‘vibrations’?

And what do we do about it to align her with her match?

This is my sex, love & relationship mentoring space about J.

It is a 3 months long 1:1 container to support you in getting what you desire in love and intimacy!

I’m taking on 2 more new clients to work with and support in designing and creating the love life they dream about! Apply here



You still join us for the Rebirthing Breathwork Intensive WEEKEND and begin to clear out unconscious blockages. 15-17.&22-24. October, Fri 6.30-9pm & Sat 8.30-11am & Sun 8.30-11am. Sign up here

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