Morning ritual at summer solstice

Morning ritual at summer solstice

What an exciting morning!

My alarm clock rang at 3.25 am; I woke up and got ready to be picked up by an uber at 3.45 am.

As the driver asked me where I am going, I realised how lucky I was.

People usually go to work at this time – he said, and I am on my way to meet up my friends and celebrate at this hour! It is the day of the summer solstice.

The perfect way to acknowledge such a significant day of the year is to meditate and celebrate at the beginning of the day!

We, a group of friends is gathering for this occasion at one of the best outdoor places in London, Hamstead Heat.

As we walked up on the hill around 4.10 am, it was already daylight! Or was it still daylight – as these days of the year are famous for having shorter nights. The sun hasn’t risen yet – still, it wasn’t dark at all.

What a magical morning ritual!

The woods were impregnated with a subtle haven’t risen – haven’t set sunlight.

It was a bit of a challenge to get up in the early morning. However, I love rituals, celebrations, and early mornings, so I could tell from experience that it is worth the discomfort!

The time of the summer solstice marks a significant point in a year-long-astrological cycle. As the sun hits its highest point on the northern hemisphere, the days start to shorten while the nights lengthen. This shift in the cycle symbolises a spiritual shift, both on the planetary and individual level. The rhythm of the universe corresponds to the rhythm within us as individuals.

Being immersed in some type of spiritual activity at such a point can exhilarate your growth and as a conscious being helps you to get past the re-occurring situations (patterns). The solstice symbolises the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

If we give special attention to this time of the year, and acknowledge it as a vortex of growth, expansion, healing, and transformation, we can empower ourselves to leave behind the outgrown stuff while transitioning out from the old cycle.

Leaving the outgrown behind – organically and naturally makes a place for new things. There is always a potential for something new to come in – we free up space within and depending on our focus, choices, and level of awareness let the free space fill in.

Even though the solstice has passed already – still, it is beneficial to ask yourself:

What am I ending within?

What am I starting/stepping into/moving forward?

What are those events/meeting/experiences that I don’t want to repeat any longer – and therefore, what are those choices that I need to replace?

What are those daily habits I wish to eliminate to create opportunities in my life, I wish to see – and what are those new habits I need to cultivate to manifest those opportunities?

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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