This black panther appeared a few days ago during my s@xy practices (this is what I call all of the practices I do that help reconnect me to my s@xuality, to free myself from conditioning & shoulds & shouldn’ts).

The next time I practiced, the black panther showed up again.

She invited me to move like her, like a wild cat, dangerous yet playful – feeling the power of my own nature as well as Mother Nature, and enjoying this power.


Connecting to these natures and allowing their power to flow through me, instead of fearing it, masking it and hiding from it.

She also invited me to move like a wild, s@xualized animal – feeling her raw power, as well as my own.

The uninhibited rawness of life, of desire, of being alive.

The primal power – this pulsating energy of celebrating being alive.


Many of us fear this primal power, especially when it comes to s@xuality, because it gets labelled as animalistic.

Our conditioning has us believe that animalistic, raw and wild is ‘not pretty’, not something women are meant to be.


Sure, women are supposed to be wild in the bedroom – at least this is what most men desire from their partners or lovers.


 Being wild means being raw, allowing the freedom of this animalistic energy to flow through us.

 And yes, this animalistic side is not pretty, angelic or soft, as we women are often expected to be.

 Soft, warm, slow and kind but not fiery or angry.


Passionate but not displaying unpleasant emotions such as anger.

Those emotions are not welcome, they are not only controlled but also suppressed.

Yet we are still expected to be passionate and wild in the bedroom.

Unfortunately emotions don’t work this way.


When you suppress emotions, you suppress not only the unpleasant but also the pleasant.

Suppressing anger, fear, disappointment and sadness leads to not feeling your pleasant emotions to their full capacity, because emotions are energies in motion.


You can only suppress a type of emotion, by suppressing energy itself, which is expressed as all ranges of emotions.

Circling back to my black panther initiation: she invited me to move like her, to follow the impulses of my body, to not care about how I look, to not be afraid of judgment and to not seek approval from outside, but to feel inside, enjoying those feelings and allowing myself to be moved by them.


She’s showed up in my practices at least 3 times so far.

Each time she reveals something new and helps me to move through layers of suppression, wanting to look a ‘certain way’ and compromising my own experience.


I also did some research on her meaning as a spirit animal which was removing masks and showing up authentically.

Authentic = raw and natural.

Pretty accurate, don’t you think?


Would you like to connect to your primal, animalistic nature and learn how to channel her into your desires (including in the bedroom)?


I’m hosting a 3-day introductory experience on this topic in February, and I will also be opening enrollment for a 6-week Sexual Empowerment program for women soon.

FREE EVENT: 5-7.Febr, 6-8pm (CET)

 Register here:


Sorry Gentlemen….WOMEN ONLY! (next time it is your turn)

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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