How can working with your sexuality fundamentally shift your life?

Sexual energy is situated in your pelvic area and connected to your second or sacral chakra ( energy center).

Each chakra in our bodies has a certain quality, energy and level of consciousness associated with  it.

According to the yogic tradition there are 7 chakras in the human body.

The sacral chakra is the water element. Emotions, sensuality, sexuality, life force and everything that is ‘fluid in our bodies’. It’s movement, connection and the ‘juice’ of our bodies and our lives.

This is also the place where we hold emotions such as shame, guilt, depression, thoughts and feelings around not wanting to live, or even considering suicide.

The fact is that for hundreds of thousands of years humanity has been shamed for sexuality. Shamed for feeling sexual, wanting to have sex and desiring to explore that connection with another human being. 

Despite this shaming,  you still ‘desire’ it, right? You still want to be sexual and you still want to have sex.  Then you feel guilty about it because you have been shamed for this desire. Then you may think you shouldn’t feel that way, yet you still do and you go back to feeling guilty for your own desire.

I’m not saying  this happens consciously, it’s very much unconscious. You might not even realise you feel ashamed or guilty for wanting what you want. However it’s exactly these thoughts and feelings you’re unaware of that are holding you back from being FREE and doing what you desire, from living the life you want and from having the sex you want. These are the thoughts and feelings that make you  ‘hide’ your deepest desires and stop you showing up in your rawest expression.

Your experience of life, connection and sexuality could be much more profound, elevating and fulfilling – but you don’t know how to connect to those ‘deeper’ sensations. What I invite you to do is not to focus on connecting to that depth. It will naturally surface as you remove shame and guilt.

Back to the original question – how can working with your sexuality fundamentally shift your life?

We are not only shamed for our sexuality, we are also shamed for feeling, for being angry, for being lethargic sometimes, for not feeling like selling our time for money, for wanting to just chill out on a beach, for setting up boundaries, for saying NO to someone or something…

However our deepest and strongest conditioning and shame is around sexuality.

So when you can let go of your fear and shame around sex and let go of the guilt for your desires, then you will be able to be yourself in all other areas of your life as well. 

When you can face what scares you most, then fear and shame around ‘daily’ tasks and expectations will become simple, almost routine. This is the place where I would like to meet you! In your unapologetic, real, raw, innocent, proud, embodied expression of yourself!

I’m hosting a 3-day Sexual Empowerment journey for women in February.

Join me to connect to that real, raw and innocent part of yourself! 


Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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