Tantric sadhana in a tantric ashram

 I was in India during the new moon in December.

As the time of the new moon is to set intentions, and plant seeds for the upcoming moon cycle I started a new sadhana.

Sadhana = daily spiritual practice

To be precise…I started a tantric sadhana in a tantric ashram.

It was a non-sexual tantric sadhana😊in a non-sexual tantric ashram.

The core practices of this particular tantric sadhana were yagnas (fire rituals) and mantra meditation.



Following my feeling I aimed to perform 7 yagnas.

My Guru provided me with the other necessities: the temple space, the mantra to practice with, and the sequence of the yagnas, along with the duration of each practice.

And he said to me:

’I appreciate seeing that you are becoming independent, learning to trust your intuition for this specific tantric practice.

Here is the sequence of the 7 yagnas for the next 2 weeks, including the specific dates to perform the yagnas and the resting days in between those days. Perform each yagna for 1 hour.’


He added,

‘If you want to enhance this sadhana even further, besides the 1-hour yagna, engage in 3 hours of mantra meditation daily in the temple. Additionally, for an even more potent sadhana, perform the yagnas between 11 pm and 1 am.

So I did it!

On some evenings I felt like a tantric hero practitioner as I got ready to perform the fire ceremonies while everyone else in the ashram was already sleeping.

Keeping my mind focused on the commitment I made to myself, I jumped into my red dress – the recommended color for this sadhana.

After preparing for the fire ceremony, I sat down facing South – the recommended direction for this sadhana – and had an our of consecrated chanting time with the mantra.


Sounds easy, right?

The steps might appear easy and simple;

After all, it’s ‘just’ sitting and meditating, isn’t it?

Well, since the aim of the tantric sadhana I to move energies and align with your highest good and inner power beyond internal constructs such as limiting beliefs, unsettling emotions, and even karmic baggage…

overall, it can be quite a challenging process with different forms of resistance, emotional release, alongside with empowering revelations.

However, the benefits are worth every bit of the effort. No wonder I keep going back to my Guru for more…😊


The benefits can be felt after each completed sadhana day; however, the greater impacts became truly tangible to me upon the completion of the moon cycle—aka, by the next new moon, and by the following full moon.


Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

Az elmúlt 10 évben rengeteg nőnek és férfinak volt szerencsém segiteni önmaguk felfedezésében. Van akinek ez az felfedezés az egyéni életcél megtalálásában segitett, másnak tartalmas kapcsolatok kialakitásában, megint másnak pedig a tudatos vezetővé válásban, ismét másnak nőiességének ill. férfiasságának megélésében.

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