Tantric practices do induce personal transformation on unexpected levels

Since my latest tantric initiation in India, started to do something more often I wanted to do for long long time – but haven’t due personal censorship

👉I just sit down and write whenever information comes through me.

👉I can’t even tell you for how many years – probably since around 2013 – information has been coming to me / through me, with a kind of pressure to share it openly.

Instead of this, I shared it only with friends, clients, and in workshops.
The feedback was always positive.
Asking for more of it.

👉 Still, my internal censor was quite strong, firmly listing all the reasons why I shouldn’t publish any of this more openly.

I just googled the definition of censor/censorship!

It involves the control of information considered sensitive, harmful, or objectionable.
The aim is to remove or restrict content that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, or contrary to certain standards or policies.

👉My internal censor has been doing a good job with suppressing the information 😊

Of course, out of good intentions.

👉She just wanted to protect me from potential criticism or rejection.

In fact, from the potential emotional consequences of it.
Potentially feeling hurt or feeling ashamed…

👉It’s very funny because sharing the same channeled information with people ‘live’ – face to face was not a concern!

Only with people on social media who just read my posts or watch my videos.

They don’t really feel my energetic/emotional transmission, don’t have the space to ask questions for clear understanding, can take out words or parts of whole sentences from the context, and turn it around to misinterpret the meaning of my words.

👉and here I am sharing this with those who have read it so far.

My inner censor is still here within.

What has changed is that I found a source of power and love who can live with my censor, but not let her be in charge!”

Who is in charge instead

The wisdom part.

The part of me who 💓loves herself enough not to be afraid of what others might say.

This part of me know how to 💓regulate my nervous system in challenge.
No collapsing anymore 💓into emotions.
Digesting them. Processing them. Letting them flow through me.

💓Feeling empowered and free from within…it tastes like sweet candy to me💓


Can you relate to the above
Where are you on the journey of self-acceptance
Do you still find yourself caring more about what people might say than about your inner wisdom

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Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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