When I didn’t listen to my body I got really really sick

Your body is speaking to you!

It needs something.

It wants you to take care of it – for your own good!

What you put into your body and the way you treat it will be reciprocated!

A combination of these attitudes causes disconnection between you and your body:

  • ignoring your body by not taking care of its needs for food, water, rest, touch, sex etc.
  • pushing it by not considering the cycles and rhythms of your body, but expecting it to function like a machine – always at high performance

Here is my story – as a simple example – of how pushing my body caused me to experience serious health issues such as adrenal fatigue, hair loss and hormonal imbalance.

A few years ago, when I still lived in the tropics where the weather is too hot and humid for European bodies, I developed the habit of taking afternoon naps.

I needed these naps, especially during the months when the humidity was so high that the temperature felt like 45 to 50°C on average each day. Withdrawing into the milder temperature of my home for 30 minutes to an hour freshened me up and allowed me to have a full day, instead of my energy crashing at around 7pm already.

And then, I started running a 6-week long training program. I was taking care of other humans and holding them in their healing processes for 5 days a week.

I was so focused on them, I forgot about myself.

Actually, I thought that I couldn’t ‘afford’ to take care of myself, because I was there to take care of the training participants.

Which is partly true, however the best way to take care of others is to be AT MY BEST, right?

So instead of resting during the afternoon break, I drank coffee. It was only 1 or 2 coffees at most, but my body needed the REST, not to be pushed into activity by caffeine.

As I discovered later, a 10-20 minute rest would have been more than enough.

However, I didn’t listen to myself and I had to learn my lesson the hard way.

The afternoon tiredness I was managing with caffeine led to me waking up at 1am at night and not being able to get back to sleep for hours, which meant I was then already exhausted by around 10am.

My hormonal system was upside down, leading to hair loss which took many months and special treatments to recover from.

This time of my life was the biggest LESSON my body gave me and my mind.

The body needs what it needs to function properly. It has its own rhythms which should always be taken into consideration.

Pushing your body beyond its limits will backfire in the long term. It will take its toll, resulting in low energy, illness, nervous system imbalance or overload and even premature aging.

Learn to live in a body-connected way.

This will bring you not only health and productivity, but joy, creativity and pleasure!


You can learn to trust & listen to your body!

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