When the mind says ‘YES’ & the body says ‘NO’

The other day I posted about the importance to live a body-connected life & to listen to the wisdom of the body.⁠
This body-connected attitude can be learned, by simple listening to the body, hearing it out and following its needs.⁠
The more you listen to the body, the more precise its guidance becomes!
You will be surprised to learn that the body can be wiser than your mind!⁠
A few years ago, when I lived in London… ⁠
My MIND loved it!⁠
London is an exciting city!⁠
There is always happening something.
It is full of activities…diverse, interesting, fun, progressive.⁠
I especially loved the fact of various nationalities & that I never felt as an ‘outlander’.
Unfortunatelly, my BODY didn’t love London as much as my mind.⁠
I lived there for about 6-7 months both in 2018 and in 2019.⁠
Each time, after about 2-3 months I started to develop a weird skin disease…a disease which is a symptom of stress, nervous system irritation/overload.⁠
Funnily enough, each time as soon as I left London, the skin disease disappeared… within 24 hours!!
One time, as I departured from Gatwick airport, I was already sitting at the airplane but still on standby – I could feel this subtle shift in my nervous system.⁠
I was surprised to notice this shift at all! It was so subtle, I couldn’t even put it into words what I was feeling…still it was a clear shirft or relaxation of the nervous system.⁠
Probably the energetics, the ‘there is something always going on’ speed was too much, to intense for my body-nervous-emotional make-up…however great my mind found it!⁠

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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