Why do we engage in fire ceremonies during a REBIRTHING BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING…?!

Maybe you wonder why we engage in fire ceremonies during a REBIRTHING BREATHWORK FACILITATOR  TRAINING…?!

Well, because this is what shall be done. 

Weekly fire ceremonies are ESSENTIALS of Rebirthing Breathwork – as taught by Leonard Orr, the Founder of this technique.

Fire has the capacity to transmute a form of matter into another form. 

Similarly, it has the capacity to transmute negative emotions & thoughts into love, light and clarity. Especially when during the time of sitting with the fire mantras are applied.

So when you join any of my programs you will enjoy weekly fire ceremonies! 


But TRADITIONAL TANTRIC fire ceremonies conducted by me.


Next Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator training starts from 23. January.

This is 250+ hours Facilitator Training

We start off with a 3 weeks long LIVE training, followed by ONLINE education, and completed with another 3 weeks of LIVE training, incl. practicum sessions.

What you learn during this program is NOT possible to describe in such a post!

But it is sure that your LIFE will be totally and absolutely POSITIVELY transformed!

Apply by email: [email protected]

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

Az elmúlt 10 évben rengeteg nőnek és férfinak volt szerencsém segiteni önmaguk felfedezésében. Van akinek ez az felfedezés az egyéni életcél megtalálásában segitett, másnak tartalmas kapcsolatok kialakitásában, megint másnak pedig a tudatos vezetővé válásban, ismét másnak nőiességének ill. férfiasságának megélésében.

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