Re-learn Love & Intimacy Retreat: Side Effect #1

A potential side effect of coming to this program is FINDING YOUR PURPOSE.
Actually, RECOGNISINGyour purpose is a better way to describe what can take place during the Re-Learn Love & Intimacy Retreat.
Why recognizing and not finding?
Because your purpose is already within you. It is coded within you.
However, conditioning + expectations + lack of trust in yourself + unhealed wounding can keep you stuck in ’not knowing’ your purpose.
It is like layers upon layers of unresolved stuff keeping your eyes closed and your senses shut to simply FEEL your calling– to feel your purpose.
So as these layers are cleared +released, you will just feel and sense what you want to do in your life. And beyond that, as these layers are removed, you will find the willpower underneath to actually go after your purpose!
JOIN us from 23. January!
Re-learn Love & Intimacy Program
Koh phangan, Thailand, Shritanu
This is a 6 days intensive immersion.
If you want to go really really deep into process, stay for the entire period of 18 days
Registration by email: [email protected]

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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