Getting ghosted by clients – it is a FUN experience

Sometimes working as a holistic sex&relationship coach feels like being on the dating scene.

Especially, when I get ghosted by someone.

By someone who reached out to me, desiring to learn about how to work with me on the 1-on-1 bases…and then after offering a free call to talk about their desire, problem they want to solve and  how the coaching actually could look like for them – I get ghosted. 

I never hear back from them.

I wonder what is so scary about having a 30 min long FREE meeting with a sex&relationship coach?

I’m really curious to learn what is coming up for someone, who experienced my work – had a great experience!!! – feels like continuing the work – says let’s do it:  I want to sort out my life …and then don’t take the action needed to find the solution for the problem.


I get the fear part! Honestly, I totally get that fear kicks in.

And then what…are you giving into fear?

Seriously? Do you submit to fear – or to any excuse the fear is telling you “why not or why not now”?


I really get it!

It can be really scary to share your personal stories with someone…with a stranger-coach.

But let me tell you something: it is MORE SCARY in your mind than in reality!

It might feel scary when you THINK about talking about your stuff. 


Moreover, taking care of your S*t is taking responsibility for your life.

It is believing in yourself. 

Believing that you are CAPABLE

Capable of creating and getting what you desire.


I’m about to open up 5 spaces for FREE CALLS for the 2nd week of December (6-10.Dec).

During this 60 min long free call I will guide you through a process to help you to find out:

  • why you don’t have the LOVE-LIFE you desire
  • why you don’t have the level of intimacy, connection you dream about 
  • why your sexlife doesn’t look like / feel like you want …rather you are single or in a relationship.

If you want to take the chance of one of these calls, contact me ASAP.  

Email me: [email protected]

With love,



p.s.: LOVE & SELF-LOVE BREATHWORK INTENSIVE is postponed with 1 week. 17-19. December (Fri eve, Sat&Sun morning). Price: EUR 47. 15 participants only.

Book your spot here asap:


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