Happy birthday For Me!

Happy birthday For Me!

Today, is a BIG celebration!

It is big, because I celebrate my birthday & the 1 year anniversary of my return to Hungary.

Already 1 year has passed since I moved back from Asia to Europe, from living on a small tropic island to a city, from “foreversummer” back into 4 seasons again.

I celebrate that I managed to integrate this HUGE shift &  remain healthy, positive and CREATIVE.

This is a change only those can understand who lived through it!

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to return to my home country.

I   sensed it is going to be challenging – so I kept postponing the date until the last (for 2 years actually). 

I think the most challenging part was to shift from living in a community, and move back into city-type of life.

Another part of the shift was to settle down, after being a nomad for 10 years.  

ACTUALLY A REALLY BIG change – from detachment of belongings, being able to move around with 1 suitcase, packing up my place within 24 hours and being on the move – to OWNING my place again.

Again, I think you need to have a lived experience to understand (actually to feel) the emotional and emotional complexity of owning a property – committing to a location – GROWING ROOTS in one place.


So here I am. 

Growing roots…

Re-building my life from scratch – after 10 years abroad feels exactly like that

Re-building a social life… 

Looking to find my place within the local spiritual-healing-empowerment-conscious sexuality-medicine journey communities.

Adapting to another change: living just next to the sea (on the pic) to living in my own property again! My house is almost ready! Moving in before Christmas!

I hope next year I can travel somewhere though!


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