Healing vs. Empowerment

I recently received a healing session from a talented healer. During the session, a memory came back to me, a memory of a spiritual experience I had sometime during the last year. The experience made me realize that at one point in my life I had shut down my healing potential from manifesting in its fullest expression. Whether it was sometime during this life or another life – I still don’t have the awareness of that and, with regard to this subject, it does not really matter.

During this spiritual experience I was confirmed by a higher force. It felt to me that it was a male force, a quite high-level masculine force – we can label it Shiva for the sake of ease. I perceived the message that I am under his protection in this lifetime, so it is safe for me to share my healing potentialities with those around me, safe for me to step into this power, and safe to make myself available as a healer in other people’s lives. I perceived that I am no longer in danger as I had been before. No one can harm me now because I’ve been brought under the guidance and protection of this male force. So this time my life will not be taken violently and in a tremendously painful way by another powerful individual. As the message said, it was a male power which – out of fear and jealousy – saw me as a competitive threat in the healing field. But it won’t happen to me again. This is a different lifetime, a different era, a different time. I won’t be labeled a witch or dangerous medicine woman – dangerous in the sense of threatening the position of other healers with great potential.

As I could relax into my body knowing that I would be safe in this life, I felt I could allow myself to embody who I am, learning to show my essence freely and fully to the world. This time I am under the protection of an even higher consciousness than those who burned and eliminated my physical form earlier. It won’t happen to me again, and nor will it happen to other powerful women with great healing potential. We are here to heal the world and ourselves at the same time. We are the granddaughters of the “witches” who were burned.

At the same time a question arose in my mind. How could that have happened to us as women? Was that only due to the misuse of masculine force? Or were there feminine entities also involved in those actions? Would it have been possible to kill us off if we as women had stood up in support of each other? Would it have been possible if we as women had banded together as one in support of each other and against the misuse of power?

My intuition says no – it would have not have been possible. If we had been united, no one could have defeated us. And actually it could not have been possible. Since we are back! We as women are back and we are healing ourselves and each other. And in the bigger picture we are healing the world.

Sisters! Are we going to stand up for each other this time? Are we going to move beyond competition and unity in love and appreciation? Are we going to support each other and lift each other up instead of letting each other down… again?

Did we realize by now that suppressing one another does not make anyone stronger? Do we understand by now that when we lift up a sister it adds to our value as women as well? Do we understand already that there is enough for everyone? There is enough love on the planet for everyone. There is enough space and abundance on every possible level. We don’t need to take away anyone else’s – we’ve got our own! Moreover we can only rise up together! Women are called to stand up for ourselves and for each other in sisterhood, standing as one in trust, support, love, lifting up each other. By doing so we will establish the level at which we want to be met by men, and if we stand as one in support of one another, no opposing power can defeat us. We are all connected and, thus, we can only elevate and be elevated as one.

And you, brothers, do you understand that we are not your competition? You powerful men, you want be around powerful women. We are not the embodiment of the danger to your position or power. We are here to love you and unite with you. For this we need to be in our own power. Please brothers and sisters, say that we have learned the lessons. That it has been enough of separation, enough of competition, enough of ridicule, criticism, and judgment. Say that this time it will be different – different for everyone on the planet and beyond!

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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