What is Feminine and Masculine energy and what does polarity mean?

What is Feminine and Masculine energy and what does polarity mean?

We all have both Feminine and Masculine energies and qualities in our bodies and our psyches, regardless of gender identity. 

The 3D world (and everything in it, including humans) revolves around what we perceive and label as opposites, which are actually complementary qualities. They describe the two poles or aspects of the same thing, otherwise known as polarity:

  • Giving & receiving 
  • Left & right
  • Up & down
  • Light & dark
  • Woman & man

Polarity exists in nature as well:

  • Night & day
  • Moon & sun
  • Water & fire
  • Earth & sky
  • Mountain & valley
  • Winter & summer

Generally we don’t think of one pole as better or more important than the other. We might have our preferences, although this is a personal choice, based on our style, taste or upbringing. 

However when it comes to human beings, we believe that one is preferable to the other.

That men are better than women, or women are better than men. 

That being logical is better than following your intuition. 

That being strong is more important than being vulnerable. 

That following your ‘mind’ vs. the impulses of your body is the right thing to do. 

The Chinese tradition refers to these archetypal energies as yin and yang. Yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine. The Tantric tradition calls these energies Shiva and Shakti.

Yin and Yang or Shiva and Shakti symbolise universal energies. They pervade and penetrate every aspect of our lives, including our bodies, emotions and thoughts.

Feminine energy represents movement, connection, cooperation, surrender, feelings and emotions, and the expression thereof. It is the receptive, passive pole of manifestation.

The complementary aspect of manifestation is masculine energy. This is the giving, emitting, leading force. The logical, structured and goal oriented part of us. The aspect of us that likes to compete, inspired by direction and purpose, and finds peace in stillness and emptiness.

To be able to create and contain life-giving, nurturing, fulfilling polarity in the way you relate (outside of yourself), you need to become aware of and balance these energies within (inside of yourself).

My Feminine & Masculine audio meditation is a good first step on this path. Practicing this meditation a couple of times a week will definitely help you to raise your awareness of the quality of these energies within you.

If you haven’t downloaded the meditation yet, you can access it here: https://chandrapolyak.com/downloads/


P.S. Do you need guidance with rebalancing polarity within your body or in your relationships? Then my 1:1 mentoring program might be the right choice for you. For couples, I also offer a Relationship Transformation program. See details here: https://chandrapolyak.com/relationshiptransformation/

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