My car is sold – house is rented – I’m on my way to Asia

My car is sold.

My house is packed up and rented for someone.

Trees are freshly planted in the garden – they will take root during the winter – while I’m away!!!

I’m coming back to you Thailand!

I can’t wait to be back with you!  

And You, you have been waiting for me lovingly.

As days are passing by you appear stronger and clearer in my dreams!

Your beautiful beaches and palm trees are the cherry on the cake – but sitting  in meditation with my favourite teachers all night long is the real deal for me.

I love your ever silente and lush jungle, but

going to bhajans in the evenings, sitting in circles and singing to praise the divine – that is a WOW!

Since I decided to come back to you Koh Phangan, you quite frequently show

 up in the morning hours, around 4 am, when I’m between dream and wake state!

Each day you have a new message for me!!!

You remind me of all the special gifts I received  during those years I have lived  at your bays:

The various opportunities for self-discovery, the supporting me to became a teacher+healer+guide to others.

I have been away from you for 2 years! The longest period since our very first meeting in 2009.

For two long years without your energy to hold me and challenge me at the same time. To pamper me and spoil me like a princess and be pushed beyond my limits – regularly! 

I simple can’t wait to be back and catch up with everyone and everything who was part of my journey & can’t wait to what do you have got for me this time!

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

Az elmúlt 10 évben rengeteg nőnek és férfinak volt szerencsém segiteni önmaguk felfedezésében. Van akinek ez az felfedezés az egyéni életcél megtalálásában segitett, másnak tartalmas kapcsolatok kialakitásában, megint másnak pedig a tudatos vezetővé válásban, ismét másnak nőiességének ill. férfiasságának megélésében.

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