Self-care isn’t being selfish

The theme of self-care came up in (almost) in every workshop I run until now.
People often times think that self-care is egoism or being selfish.
I think that self-care is actually the opposite of being selfish.
Self-care is taking care of your needs…instead of expecting someone else to take care of them.
Self-care is looking after yourself…and not expecting from yourself to be OKAY when running on empty batteries.
Self-care is doing what it takes to keep your batteries charged up.
It is radical self-responsibility
Taking care of your wellbeing: physically, mentally, emotionally
Listening to your body giving it the rest, food, activity, ‘doing nothing’…when its needed.
Providing for yourself the safety, security, belonging, love (first & foremost self-love)
Following your own impulses, trusting that you know the Best what is good for you.
At the end of the day you are the one who lives 24/7 with yourself…you know yourself the best
And this could also mean that you are ASKING for help…you are reaching out for SUPPORT
That is also self-care.
Knowing your boundaries&limitations.
Not pushing or expecting from yourself doing it ALL alone, by yourself…nor feeling ashamed of needing help.

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

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