When the belief is changed – so your world!

When the belief is changed – so your world


MINDSET is everything.


I mean it!


Most of the work we do with my clients – is about mindset.

Maybe more accurate to say: The entire work is about mindset.


Let me break this done…


It doesn’t matter where the components of your ‘limiting’ mindset are coming from…

  • if it is parental conditioning of ‘not being enough’ or
  • a school experience of ‘not measuring up’ or
  • picked up from your Mom ‘being a woman is sacrifice’, hard work & little time for yourself or
  • learned from your Dad ‘life is about survival’ (work & provide for your family) and this might requires to neglect yourself, to not feeling much, to not expressing much or
  • the stuff you learned from Grand Ma, Grand Dad, teachers, media…

At the end of the day – it is ALL about MINDSET.

Mindset = what do you believe in…both consciously & unconsciously, about yourself, about life, about women / men, about relationships incl. sexuality

It is also about the emotions attached to that mindset  + the experienced events created with the combination of the mindset & emotional-set.


Even though it is JUST mindset it takes some time to gain clarity of the nature of the particular mindset the clients lives with.

Than the mindset shall be updated and brought into alignment with the vision of your future.

You not only need to wish for a particular future…but your mind(set) needs to believe in it, both consciously and unconsciously + your emotions shall support the vision as well. Your nervous system shall be able to hold your expansion into that vision.

So you see….even though it is just mindset – there is more to it.

That is why it takes time….with me about 5-10  coaching sessions to get you from point A to point B.

5-10 sessions would mean 5-10 weeks. Not a long time for making an upgrade on any area in your life, isn’t it?

Üdvözöllek, Chandra vagyok.

Az elmúlt 10 évben rengeteg nőnek és férfinak volt szerencsém segiteni önmaguk felfedezésében. Van akinek ez az felfedezés az egyéni életcél megtalálásában segitett, másnak tartalmas kapcsolatok kialakitásában, megint másnak pedig a tudatos vezetővé válásban, ismét másnak nőiességének ill. férfiasságának megélésében.

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